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Print Advertising Informed Consent Forms
Ad Copy IVR Scripts
Marketing (Advertorial) Pharmaceuticals
Marketing (Press Release) Clinical Research Protocol Test
Copywriting Drug Label
Journalism/Publications Health Questionnaire
    Health Insurance Form
Consumer Products – Apparel   Healthcare Marketing
Apparel Patient Brochure
Cosmetics Public Health Info
Durables Patient Diary
Food & Beverage    
Toys & Crafts Medical Devices  
    IVD (In Vitro Diagnosis)
Education/Educational Media   Orthopedic
Parent Cardiology
Teacher MSDS
Hotel Technical  
Menu Chemical Engineering
Tourism Oil Tech
    Electrical Engineering
Human Resources   Mechanical Engineering
HR Handbooks & Manuals Telecommunications
HR Newsletters    
HR Policy Financial – Accounting
In language Copywriting Financial – Investments  
    Financial Fact Sheets
Cultural Consultation Investment Analyses
Legal – Contracts   Securitizations
Contracts Financial Instruments
Court Papers Hedging/Risk Management
    Basic Banking
Legal--Patents   General Investment
Pharmaceutical/Medical Patents    
Semiconductor Patents Financial – Insurance  
Chemical Patents Insurance Forms
Automotive Patents Benefits Information
Engineering Patents Insurance Policy
Patent/Intellectual Property Financial – Corporate Communications  
    Annual Reports
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    Company Brochure
    Letter to Employees


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