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TransPerfect is once again hosting our annual Global Retail Forum in New York City. The 2020 event will feature a Fireside chat with Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, a panel of experts from the world’s leading brands, as well as smaller interactive workshops aimed at tackling global challenges head on. There will be a mid-event lunch as well as a post-discussion networking reception.

Keynote Speaker | Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Gilt Groupe & GLAMSQUAD, Board Director, Investor, Advisor, Public Speaker, NY Times best-selling author


Matthew Wynne
Director, Performance Media
DICK'S Sporting Goods
Jeff Lord
Senior Director of Global eCommerce & Retail
Burton Snowboards
Laura Madden
Vice President
Ben Jones
UX Lead
Columbia Sportswear
Laurent Ezekiel
Chief Marketing & Growth Officer
Lois Nemcovsky
SVP International Media Operations
A+E Networks
Patrick Stiegman
VP / Editorial Director, Global Digital Content
Jenn Grabenstetter
VP Global Brand & Content Marketing
Sealed Air Corporation


Technology and consumer demands have changed global marketing forever. What used to be a simple conversation for global organizations around adaptation and translation of ideas has now become a complex strategic challenge. One that begs the question, does truly global creativity even exist anymore? No market has made this more apparent than China, a crucial growth area for most global businesses. With its own social and commerce platforms, cultural sensibilities and unique geography, how can one decode the complexity? What areas do you invest in? What platforms do you focus on? What talent do you need? We have the answers!

Cynthia Chen
General Manager/President, RB Consumer Health Care (former CEO, General Mills China)
Steven Moy
Global CEO


Global Retail Forum 2019

In April 2019, over 300 retail executives and marketers from some of the world’s top brands met at TransPerfect’s Global Retail Forum. The goal: to learn and share best practices for developing and managing cross-border strategies. The day kicked off with a panel of industry veterans and experts from Clarins, Eaton, R/GA, Fresh, TUMI, Lavazza, and the Global Retail Insights Network, followed by a keynote of renown speaker Scott Galloway. Attendees spent the afternoon in hands-on sessions on topics spanning innovation, global marketplaces, global digital marketing, international content agility, using web apps to drive conversion, AI, and using Amazon as a brand building platform.

Global Retail Forum 2018

In 2018 the event featured a panel of experts from TaylorMade, Subway, Aldo, Perry Ellis, Western Digital, Marriott, and the Global Retail Insights Network, followed by a keynote interview with world-renowned designer Kenneth Cole. In the afternoon attendees joined “master sessions” on topics spanning new market entry, China strategy, global market places, global digital marketing, personalization for an international audience, and emerging markets.

GUEST Speaker |Janel Dyan

Established in 2014, Janel Dyan, Inc provides transformative brand and style consultation to high-visibility clients across industry, politics and social causes. As founder and CEO, Janel built her company from the belief that the most important aspect of a woman’s brand is not built upon her position, the product or the services she is creating: it is about her, her story and her vision of success. Janel is determined to disrupt the mindset of corporate America, proving that what a woman wears is an essential part of building her professional brand. The JD Methodology is built on the concept of authenticity, transparency and vulnerability. The confidence exuded with the right outfit is, arguably, even more important than the message delivered - setting the tone for the audience to engage with the presentation with all their senses, whether they know it or not.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Janel spent over 10 years as an organizational development consultant for technology and entertainment companies. She has lived and worked in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles and currently resides back in the bay with her husband and two sons.

JD’s work is seen by millions through the public appearances of Fortune 500 companies, United Nations and World Economic Forums members, technology executives and leaders in social change.

Guest Speakers

International eCommerce Growth Strategies

John Klein
Vice President of Strategy
LiveArea, The PFS Agency

Retail Digital Marketing and
The Future of Global Retail

Sinan Kanatsiz, CIM
Internet Marketing Association (IMA)
Jeanniey Mullen
Global CMO

Workshop/Roundtable Sessions

Amazon as a Brand Building Platform

What we once knew as an e-commerce giant is now also the third-largest advertising platform, with $10B in annual ad revenue that is growing faster than Google and Facebook. While much of this revenue is from product search, Amazon is now also attracting upper funnel brand dollars with its display and video offerings. Mark Power, CEO of Podean—the Amazon advertising experts—will provide an overview of Amazon's extensive advertising offering, including emerging commerce channels like voice.

Demystifying AI: AI In Plain English

As technology innovation continues to accelerate, the relationships between brands and customers are constantly being redefined. Brands traditionally only needed to communicate, then commerce would follow.

However, the customer journey has now been completely deconstructed. Disruptors such as Amazon, Glossier, Halo Top, Tencent and more are challenging legacy competitors with a superior customer experience as the key differentiator. Particularly, AI related innovation has fueled many companies in business R&D, product and service innovation. More noticeably, AI has expanded marketers' opportunities in zero-dimensional customer experience (Voice, Facial. Smell, etc.)

Is AI ready for prime time? What are the potential applications of AI that are ready today?

Innovation: Taking it from Buzz to Reality

Innovation has everyone abuzz…but how do you keep up with it and how do you incorporate innovation in your organization? Who owns or is focused on innovation, in your company? How do you separate the noise from the substance? What concrete steps can you take to use make innovation work for you? In this session, we will discuss challenges and experiences in keeping up with innovation while balancing resources and investment levels to support today’s business.

This workshop will provide best practices for:

  • Developing a framework for evaluating and prioritizing innovation investments
  • Balancing business plans or budgets with innovation vs. foundational investments
Global Marketplaces: How to Access International Markets While Retaining Control of Your Brand

As international markets open up and offer new potential revenue streams, there are a few things that can be done to make the experience more profitable and make sure that the control of brand image is maintained. Global online marketplaces account for more than 50% of eCommerce revenue in many overseas markets. That’s why it’s critical to understand the most efficient and effective ways available to list your products. But even more than that, you must do it in a way that ensures you own the brand experience.


  • Understanding customers preferences and where they choose to shop
  • How brands can launch in global marketplaces with less barriers to entry and speed to market
  • The importance of content enrichment and automation as part of successful strategies
  • How to design effective Official Shops in each market
  • Brand protection strategies in the global markets 
  • Strategies on regional and in country inventory positions to service marketplace orders
  • How to obtain and manage long-term relationships with in-region customers
How to Use Progressive Web Apps to Drive Best-in-Class Experiences and Conversion

Global online shoppers today reward local, convenient, frictionless—and delightful—shopping experiences. How can retailers meet their rapidly soaring expectations? In this session Sumo Das, Senior Director of Product and Growth Brands GM at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, and Ahmed Naiem, Chief Commercial Officer of eShopWorld, will discuss leveraging progressive web applications to make shoppers feel at home, no matter where they are shopping. From loading websites faster for low-bandwidth users to pre-fetching translated content for a cleaner UX, attendees will learn how to create a truly localized online shopping experience that looks and feels like a native app.

Next-Level Global Digital Marketing

Coming up with a multi-channel digital marketing strategy to reach your audience in English is daunting enough. Now add in the complexity of doing this in multiple countries with different rules governing SEO, PPC and Social Media, with different cultures and languages, and the challenge can appear impossible. We invite you to join our Next-Level Digital Marketing breakout session led by TransPerfect’s own Colt Foutz to hear stories of how global brands are rising to the occasion consistently in the International Digital Marketing Arena!

International Content Agility

In the evolving landscape of international and localized commerce there are a number of factors that will drive your digital commerce strategy. In this session we will discuss how an understanding of distribution and customers by market will influence your technology roadmap and the development of a design system that supports personalization and localization. We will highlight how you can ease your path forward by creating of a collection of reusable components guided by clear standards.

In this session you will gain a better understanding of how to:

  • Tell a consistent brand story across all global digital properties.
  • Set up governance for brand, product content and pricing, global content, GDPR and accessibility.
  • Allow for localized content, personalization, product catalogs, and campaigns.
  • Automate translations, localization and publishing of content by global brands and business units.

Our experts in the session have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world developing their digital platforms across multiple touchpoints and languages. Please join this highly interactive session where you will learn from the presenters and have the opportunity to engage with a group of your peers.

People Are the Spark of Global Magic

Uncover how your global workforce can be utilized to its full creative potential. Scaling globally requires the right person in the right seat based on your unique needs. The panel will examine how leading companies attract, hire, retain and develop their talent with multi-cultural teams and how new technologies can help improve and accelerate the process.

Potential Discussion Topics

  • Challenges in managing global brands
  • Trends in the global retail landscape
  • Mobile website and mobile app localization
  • Multi-channel commerce, web/mobile/tablet
  • Managing global shipping and payment concerns
  • International Search Engine Optimization (ISEO)
  • Social media localization
  • Synching e-commerce and brand websites
  • Global customer support service
  • Using style guides to promote brand coherence
  • Launching a product in a new country
  • Different strategies for website localization and the benefits and pitfalls of each
  • CMS, database, e-commerce integration
  • The value of content in a new language


  • 8:30AM – 9:30AM Registration


    9:30AM – 11:00AM Panel + Q&A


    11:00AM – 12:00PM CHINA DECODED Spotlight Presentation


    12:00PM – 1:00PM Lunch

    1:00PM – 1:45PM Fireside chat with our keynote Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

    2:00PM – 4:00PM Interactive Workshops: Learn about AI, international SEO/SEM, Amazon marketing and more

    4:00PM – 5:00PM Cocktail reception

  • 8:00AM-9:00AM Breakfast and Registration

    9:00AM-9:45AM Welcome Address & Keynote

    9:45AM-10:30AM Project Director Roadmap

    10:30AM-11:15AM OneLink Roadmap

    11:15AM-11:30AM Break

    11:30AM-12:00PM OneLink APIs

    11:30AM-12:00PM Advanced Reporting in Project Director

    12:00PM-12:45PM OneLink Client Case Study

    12:00PM-12:45PM Project Director Client Case Study

    12:45PM-1:45PM Lunch

    1:45PM-2:15PM Controlling OneLink through CSS

    1:45PM-2:15PM Project Director and Machine Translation

    2:15PM-2:45PM OneLink and eCommerce

    2:15PM-2:45PM Project Director as a Multivendor Platform

    2:45PM-3:30PM OneLink Client Case Study

    2:45PM-3:30PM Project Director Client Case Study

    3:30PM-4:15PM OneLink and Machine Translation

    3:30PM-4:15PM Project Director In Context Preview

    4:15PM-5:00PM Ask the Experts Panel

    5:00PM-6:00PM Cocktail Networking

  • 8:30AM-9:30AM Breakfast and Registration

    9:30AM-10:15AM Best Practices for Technology Onboarding

    10:15AM-10:30AM Break

    10:30AM-11:30AM OneLink Client Case Study

    10:30AM-11:30AM Project Director Client Case Study

    11:30AM-12:15PM Using On Page Editor 2.0 in OneLink

    11:30AM-12:15PM Using Project Director with Content Management Systems

    12:15PM-1:15PM Lunch

    1:15PM-1:45PM Content Delivery Networks and OneLink

    1:15PM-1:45PM Managing Project Director Dashboards

    1:45PM-2:15PM OneLink Configurations

    1:45PM-2:15PM Advanced Workflow Configuration

    2:15PM-3:00PM OneLink and SEO

    2:15PM-3:00PM Using Project Director with an eCommerce Platform

    3:00PM-3:45PM Client Case Study

    3:45PM-4:15PM Closing Remarks

    4:15PM-5:00PM Departures

    6:00PM-9:00PM Optional Evening Event

*Please Note: This agenda is subject to change.
**Breakout topics are tentative and subject to change to better fit the preferences of attendees.


80 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023

Click here for directions to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

How We Shop

A few of TransPerfect’s global employees give insight into how they shop in their home countries and some of their favorite brands

Keynote Speaker | Scott Galloway

Winners & Losers in Digital: 2017

In the race for digital dominance, the Gang of Four have emerged - Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple. As they continue to grab share in the retail and media industries, who will fall victim at the hands of the gang? What are their impacts on broader business and society as a whole? Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business and Founder of L2, presents a no mercy/no malice view on who thrives or perishes in a digital age.

Scott Galloway is an Adjunct Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business where he teaches brand strategy and digital marketing. In 2012, Professor Galloway was named “One of the World’s 50 Best Business School Professors” by Poets & Quants. He is also the founder of Red Envelope and Prophet Brand Strategy. Scott was elected to the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow and has served on the boards of directors of Eddie Bauer, The New York Times Company, Gateway Computer, and UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. He received a B.A. from UCLA and an M.B.A. from UC Berkeley.


If you have any other questions or inquiries related to the event, please email GRF2020@transperfect.com

What is the cost?

For invited guests, there is no cost to attend the forum. We will provide a mid-day lunch and access to all content during the day.

Can I bring a guest?

We encourage you to bring other colleagues, but space is limited. Please promptly RSVP to ensure entry for you and your colleague(s).

What is the dress code?

Business casual Wear whatever you feel is most appropriate for a lunch meeting or day in the office.

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